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Colorado and New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide
Colorado and New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide

Colorado and New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide


On 10-7-2011 Ready For A Great New Season At Casa Blanca Lodge by Colorado & New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Rita Adams

Colorado & New Mexico Fly Fishing Guide Rita Adams

We arrived back on the island two weeks ago to find it an even wilder place than when we left...

Johnny and La Maquina

lodge lizard

With only a handful of humans here for the last three months, the animals have laid claim even to the camp.

The last of the turtles are still coming to bury their eggs by the light of the moon, and the Jaguar has been hunting them.  Some weeks ago it was spotted in broad daylight on the beach, framed by a turquoise sea and feasting on turtle. Jaguar prints are everywhere, passing right beneath our window and on the beach in front of the lodge.

kitty print

Baby turtles have been emerging from their nests also. During the full moon last month, dozens of the little guys mistook the light from the hotel for the reflection of the moon off the ocean, and morning found them milling around in confusion. They were all gathered together and sent on their way.  I’ve heard that not many of them make it to adulthood, but judging from the number of nests and tracks we’ve seen, the turtle population is thriving here.

Autumn in this part of the world brings other surprises. It is lush and green. There are blooming flowers and butterflies. This lily I find particularly lovely. It blooms during the night.

lodge lily

As for the human inhabitants, everyone seems rested and fresh going into the new season. There have been a lot of improvements to the lodge. Casa Blanca got a face-lift with a fresh coat of paint, a brand new kitchen and a 135-foot communications tower, slated to provide us with telephone capability by the end of the month. For now, we are cut off from the world except for internet, due to a massive lightning storm that took out telephone all across the Yucatan Peninsula over six weeks ago.  

I’ve heard they are calling for snow back home in New Mexico this week. I hope it’s a wet winter this year, though I can’t say I’ll miss the cold! 


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